Wk9 Islamic Art

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From the exhibition, I can tell that Islamic art could never not be treated separately  from their religion.

I think Islamic artists are also trying to ask question about the history and tradition of Islamic world, at the same time trying to raise awareness of the world and find a new way for Islamic art.

The most direct aesthetic values I learned from Islamic art is the beauty of symmetry and the power of representational symbols.  Islamic art style could be easily identified because they always keep the elements of symmetrical geometry patterns. These patterns often contains the idea of the heaven and gods, and sometimes calligraphy are also blended in. Now I think instead only using art as a form of worship. Artist are also trying to use mixed media to express their feeling towards their religion and represents their inside interaction with their god and religion.


Also, gender issue are also being questioned in this exhibition. There are two videos from one project that reflecting the issue of Islamic women covering their hair with kershief. This is really an international controversy. I guess outsider dont really have a say about this. because i feel any objections from any outsiders may be seen as hostility towards the religion. So to solve this issue, it probably need someone inside the islamic society to initiate.

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