My comments&reflection on Fitness furniture collection


my reflection & comments:

1.  mind consciousness

2.  simple aesthetics

3. visual and physical balance

4. sitting posture



BeatBelly-1 BeatBelly-2

My reflection&comments:

  1. interesting product, the curve in the product assist people in doing crunches, as many beginners have difficulties in sit at there tail bone position.
  2.  the seat rise people higher, it avoid the awkwardness of exercising on the floor, in the office situation.



My comments&reflection:

  1. Useful and direct design,  but the function is very limited to arm exercise.



My comments&reflection:

  1.  for gymnast mostly.
  2. elegant design
  3. duality of softness and hardness in terms of material



My comments&reflection:

  1. dont really know how does this works.
  2. simple, cute design, can be put in any room.


sprang chair the sprang chair

My comments&reflection:

  1. very conviencing.
  2. but the whole structure looks overwhelming and dramatic, maynot be a good choice for every office.



My comments&reflection:

  1. for yoga
  2. occupies little space

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