Vertical conversation tower

Inspired by nature, BuzziJungle offers a solution to the conventional meeting space. The launch of the BuzziJungle will introduce the design world to young Belgian talent Jonas Van Put. This is Van Put’s first project with a major international manufacturer. BuzziJungle is BuzziSpace’s reflection of their vision for the social office and further pushing the traditional boundaries of the workplace.

Various elements within the structure provide an opportunity for different interactions within the “jungle”. You can climb, lounge and meet in the elevated work-lounge space made from lacquered steel. The BuzziJungle creates an urban footprint in large and small spaces.


Design by Jonas Van Put

Monolith Illustrations by Fabrice Le Nezet

Monolith, a series of poster illustrations inspired by architecture and kids playgrounds.

Fabrice Le Nezet is a London, United Kingdom based designer, visual artist, and filmmaker. You may remember some of our previous features of Fabrice Le Nezet‘s projects. His creative work draws inspiration from diverse genres such as architecture, fashion, and toys. Today it’s time to show you more of his outstanding design.

This series of prints is called “Monolith”. The collection of 10 illustrations explores the intersection between architecture and kids playgrounds. You can get each work as Gyclee print on Hahnemuhle photorag paper in the size of 25cm x 35cm.








AXIUS addresses your body across three planes of motion: tilt, rotation and roll. It allows you to reduce or increase degrees of instability to create safe, controllable stages of progression for building core strength and functional stability. Through this type of instability and balance training, you will recruit deep core and stabilizing muscles, not activated through traditional movements. These are the muscles that will help you move better!

You will also heighten your kinesthetic awareness or the understanding of where your body exists in 3-dimensional space. With constant instability, AXIUS will heighten your proprioceptors as you build core strength while allowing you to accurately control your body in an unstable environment. This will help to improve your reaction time and your bodies responsiveness in any athletic movement.

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axius-1 axius2 axius3 axius5


adjustable furniture

example 1

94814_2_800Stack Me Up' by Ho-Chieh Hsu Adjusts its Height With Books


example 2



131767_3_800 131767_5_800


The notion of constructing a fort with sheets, chairs and boxes remains appealing to many people well into adulthood. Well, the concept isn’t totally inappropriate when considered in the context of the Soft Fold Cabane, designed explicitly for the enjoyment of people of all ages.

A simple wooden structure establishes the boundaries of what is essentially a room inside of a room. With three nearly full-height walls, this enchanting space can be tucked into any corner of your home to create a place of refuge. Inside the cozy sanctuary of the Soft Fold Cabane is a spongey bench, a slanted reading table, a lamp and a duvet, and all of the open framework walls can be closed off with the hanging of quilted curtains. Marie Dessuant and Margaux Keller have created a comfy and fantastical place to forget about the world within your own abode.


example 3

Pump Up the Space-Saving Eclosion by Olivier Gregoire 2 Pump Up the Space-Saving Eclosion by Olivier Gregoire

My comments&reflection on Fitness furniture collection


my reflection & comments:

1.  mind consciousness

2.  simple aesthetics

3. visual and physical balance

4. sitting posture



BeatBelly-1 BeatBelly-2

My reflection&comments:

  1. interesting product, the curve in the product assist people in doing crunches, as many beginners have difficulties in sit at there tail bone position.
  2.  the seat rise people higher, it avoid the awkwardness of exercising on the floor, in the office situation.



My comments&reflection:

  1. Useful and direct design,  but the function is very limited to arm exercise.



My comments&reflection:

  1.  for gymnast mostly.
  2. elegant design
  3. duality of softness and hardness in terms of material



My comments&reflection:

  1. dont really know how does this works.
  2. simple, cute design, can be put in any room.


sprang chair the sprang chair

My comments&reflection:

  1. very conviencing.
  2. but the whole structure looks overwhelming and dramatic, maynot be a good choice for every office.



My comments&reflection:

  1. for yoga
  2. occupies little space

Tai Chi Chair Is A Dead Simple Exercise Chair

Tai Chi Chair Is A Dead Simple Exercise Chair



Treadmill too big to install in your home office?  Here’s a space-efficient way to flex some muscles during 15-minute breaks: the Tai Chi Chair.

Designed by  ESAD Reims student Yuan Yuan, the furniture sports handholds and footholds that allow you to perform a variety of exercises.  I’m not too familiar with Tai Chi, though, so I don’t know about the name.  Isn’t that the thing they do in the park with no equipment whatsoever?

The Tai Chi Chair is a dead simple seating chattel, with a wooden plywood seat and a small bar of cushion for the back.  The rest of the chair consists of the metal frame, sections of which have been bent in various shapes for use in different gym-like exercises (some of which, by the way, look like a one-way ticket to a busted nose).

Hopefully, the furnishing comes with instructions, since most people will likely be stumped about what exercises to do on the thing.  Plus, it’s probably a bad idea to use this as your actual working chair, since that bottom is flat and that back looks similarly uncomfortable.  Best save this as a spare for the occasional guest.

Personally, I like the idea, but the furniture’s overall usability as an actual office chair will need to be addressed.  Fortunately, the Tai Chi Chair is only a first version prototype that was intended for a proposed event (that, from what I can gather, didn’t push through, either).

No, Sweat! Workspace Workout Furniture by Darryl Agawin

Category: DESIGN Published on 03 MAY, 2013

No, Sweat! by Vancouver-based designer Darryl Agawin is a 3-piece workspace furniture set that can transform into exercise furniture. In today’s busy lives it can be difficult to find the time for daily exercise. By combining workspace and workout furniture, it allows anyone to take a break from their busy work schedules and partake in regular daily exercise. This eye catching set of furniture serves to remind the user of the exercise capabilities of their furniture.

The exercises that No, Sweat! utilizes are based on pre-established and well known routines and styles. The basic forms that shaped No Sweat! were drawn from the exercise step, the balance board, the weight bar, theskip rope and the kettle bellHundreds of exercises can be extrapolated from these basic structures and equipment.

No, Sweat! can be used wherever desk work is done; from the company office to a studio apartment. This set is designed for everyone, as exercise is important for all ages. No, Sweat! benefits those interested in fitness, yet have not joined a public gym or unable to purchase dedicated home equipment due to a lack of space or finances.

1-no-sweat-workspace-workout-furniture-by-darryl-agawin 2-no-sweat-workspace-workout-furniture-by-darryl-agawin 3-no-sweat-workspace-workout-furniture-by-darryl-agawin 4-no-sweat-workspace-workout-furniture-by-darryl-agawin 5-no-sweat-workspace-workout-furniture-by-darryl-agawin 6-no-sweat-workspace-workout-furniture-by-darryl-agawin 7-no-sweat-workspace-workout-furniture-by-darryl-agawin 8-no-sweat-workspace-workout-furniture-by-darryl-agawin 9-no-sweat-workspace-workout-furniture-by-darryl-agawin


( this could totally be my fyp, lol)