No, Sweat! Workspace Workout Furniture by Darryl Agawin

Category: DESIGN Published on 03 MAY, 2013

No, Sweat! by Vancouver-based designer Darryl Agawin is a 3-piece workspace furniture set that can transform into exercise furniture. In today’s busy lives it can be difficult to find the time for daily exercise. By combining workspace and workout furniture, it allows anyone to take a break from their busy work schedules and partake in regular daily exercise. This eye catching set of furniture serves to remind the user of the exercise capabilities of their furniture.

The exercises that No, Sweat! utilizes are based on pre-established and well known routines and styles. The basic forms that shaped No Sweat! were drawn from the exercise step, the balance board, the weight bar, theskip rope and the kettle bellHundreds of exercises can be extrapolated from these basic structures and equipment.

No, Sweat! can be used wherever desk work is done; from the company office to a studio apartment. This set is designed for everyone, as exercise is important for all ages. No, Sweat! benefits those interested in fitness, yet have not joined a public gym or unable to purchase dedicated home equipment due to a lack of space or finances.

1-no-sweat-workspace-workout-furniture-by-darryl-agawin 2-no-sweat-workspace-workout-furniture-by-darryl-agawin 3-no-sweat-workspace-workout-furniture-by-darryl-agawin 4-no-sweat-workspace-workout-furniture-by-darryl-agawin 5-no-sweat-workspace-workout-furniture-by-darryl-agawin 6-no-sweat-workspace-workout-furniture-by-darryl-agawin 7-no-sweat-workspace-workout-furniture-by-darryl-agawin 8-no-sweat-workspace-workout-furniture-by-darryl-agawin 9-no-sweat-workspace-workout-furniture-by-darryl-agawin


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This project aims to learn from traditional Chinese regimen such as Taiji or Hua Tuo Wu Qin Xi, in order to design a product or system that could improve people’s fitness level, facilitate indoor exercise, especially in small space since urban lifestyle in China does not provide enough time and space for people, and many people lack the knowledge and awareness in taking care of their own body. The project intends to take inspiration from Asian culture, especially Chinese roots and be contemporary and show personality


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