adjustable furniture

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94814_2_800Stack Me Up' by Ho-Chieh Hsu Adjusts its Height With Books


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The notion of constructing a fort with sheets, chairs and boxes remains appealing to many people well into adulthood. Well, the concept isn’t totally inappropriate when considered in the context of the Soft Fold Cabane, designed explicitly for the enjoyment of people of all ages.

A simple wooden structure establishes the boundaries of what is essentially a room inside of a room. With three nearly full-height walls, this enchanting space can be tucked into any corner of your home to create a place of refuge. Inside the cozy sanctuary of the Soft Fold Cabane is a spongey bench, a slanted reading table, a lamp and a duvet, and all of the open framework walls can be closed off with the hanging of quilted curtains. Marie Dessuant and Margaux Keller have created a comfy and fantastical place to forget about the world within your own abode.


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Pump Up the Space-Saving Eclosion by Olivier Gregoire 2 Pump Up the Space-Saving Eclosion by Olivier Gregoire