Assignment 1 Progress


These were the first 4 3D sketch models that we had to do. After which, I worked on the 2D sketch analysis and narrowed it down to 3 models (which are in the 2nd analysis).

3D_Progress 1 3D_Progress 2 3D_Progress 3 3D_Progress 4


3D_Progress 5 3D_Progress 73D_Progress 6

However, I decided to go with the 1st and 2nd of the 2nd analysis and did the 2d sketch analysis. In the end, I went with the 1st model as my final model.

3 thoughts on “Assignment 1 Progress

  1. Hi Bao
    Lots of hard work and clear attempt with layout! 🙂 Except that the resolution and image contrast of your 2D Sketch Analyses makes it almost impossible to see what you have drawn. Perhaps you could upload these as larger sized separate images in future? Great that you have done 2 rounds of 2D Sketch Analyses!

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