Ego in Different Settings – Mood Boards and Progress

Hey y’all! Wow!! This sem sure went by really quickly! Can’t believe that we are already working on our final project. Anyway, while thinking of a concept for my project, I went onto tumblr and looked at inspirations. The artworks below are done by artists I follow on Tumblr. So I’ve decided to do illustrations for this project and am really quite excited for it. I was looking through Meg Hunt’s drawings and really loved loved loved her choice of colours!!! I am someone who love colours and prints and so I was thinking of doing something more colourful and vibrant.


After doing my research, I decided to do some sketches to show Ms Ina during lesson. I haven’t really come up with a proper concept for my last 2 social settings but my first 2 are more or less confirmed:) I was thinking of using 4 different sets of colour theme for each set of 3.

My social settings will be:

  1. Party
  2. Church
  3. Home
  4. Travelling


After consulting with Ms Ina, I decided to start working and testing out the ones I am quite sure of. This first one is representing ME and the social setting will be at a party, which will be represented with the squid eyes people.HAHAHAH.   test

This other one I worked on after the consultation is for the social setting of church, and the outcome of feeling refreshed. I wanted to use lemons to represent that. I decided to use blue instead of a monochromatic palette for this because I feel like it will stand out more:’)) I hope y’all can tell they are lemons:”).

ego_church3 Anyway, for this project, I am trying my best to not be too literal.:’)) Do feel free to leave comments on how I can improve. Kewl. Will keep y’all updated on my progress.

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