Hello my name is…

So we had our first in class exercise back in week one where we had to introduce ourselves with the “hello my name is…” tag idea, a little ice breaker and getting to know my classmates better.

People (esp my church friends) usually call me Glojira. Its just a name I came up with for my social media like instagram. It is because I loveeeee Godzilla, which in Japanese is Gojira and I thought why not just add an “l” to make it GLOjira. Funny thing is that in the first sem in ADM, some of my friends thought that was the spelling for Gloria. Hahahaha.


I think one characteristic about me is that people’ first impression of me is that I’m quiet, and I usually am, especially in a new environment with new faces. I sometimes feel like I freeze up when new people talk to me and am nervous and unsure of how to react. But like ice, it melts and once I get over that, I start to warm up to people.

photo_2017-01-22_19-03-36 I love my family and growing up as the youngest, sometimes I feel like I need to find my own voice. But my family is really important to me:)photo_2017-01-22_19-03-31

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