My Line Is Emo- Final 18 :)

                 2D_Final 18_OSS2D_Final 18_OSS


For my final 18 lines, I had a mixture of drawing, watercolour and digital.



Agitation- This was originally part of my monoprint. It was created using fake flowers. I decided to duplicate them and arrange them as such. It looks like agitation to me because of its lines and messiness.


2D_Amazement _oss

Amazement- These were also created from flower petals. I feel like there’s something wonderful about it because when I see it, it reminds me of jellyfishes.



Bewilderment- These were extracted from a cling wrap that was part of my monoprints. I feel like this encompasses a sense uncertainty and confusion.



Bizarre- This was created from the flower petal monoprinting. I think it looks quite bizarre because it looks like a masquerade mask.



Distress- I decided to use the collage method to express this emotion because there is a sense of disunity and unsettling.



Eagerness- This line was hand drawn. I felt like the swirly-ness of the lines made it seem like somebody eager and excited to do something.



Exasperation- I would imagine exasperation as something like that, where the line is messy and incoherent.



Exhilaration- I made these lines using a plastic part from my fake flower that had 4 sharp points. I dipped it in ink and swirled it around my paper. This reminded me of almost like air entering lungs and depicted light and happy.



Misery- The brokenness of this piece and how it is all over the place reminded me of misery. I used watercolour and cling wrap to create this.



Anxiety- I chose this to depict anxiety because the many lines and swirls represent the many thoughts that is going on in a person’s mind. I used shaving cream, watercolour and tooth pick to create this.



Excitement- The wavy lines and varied sizes how fluid and in motion it is and it represents excitement in my opinion. This was hand drawn.



Hurt- This reminded me of tears and at the same time blood splattered o the wall and dripping down. Hence, I represented it as hurt. It was created using watercolour and the side of the straw.



Sensual- The shapes are interlocking and moving fluidly, representing sensual. This was also hand drawn



Hysteria- The inconsistency of the lines especially towards the center made it almost like its uncontrollable. This was created using the shaving cream, watercolour and tooth pick



Rage- Created using watercolour and the circular end of the straw. It reminded me of raging waters.



Passion- The wavy lines and intensity of the lines reflects passion. This was hand drawn



Melancholy- When I looked at this, it really reminded me of a moth and it felt to me very gothic and sad. This was created using water colour, and it was exploring the rorschach method.



Longing- Like yearning for somebody, some days are more intense than others and I thought I wanted to depict that longing through this line. Hand drawn


It is definitely rewarding to see that I managed to come up with 18 lines. To be honest, I was really worried at first because I am not somebody who can really come up with abstract art. Having to do lines that represents emotions is an abstract concept to me. But I am really glad that through this project, I not only got to try monoprinting, I also got to explore different ways of mark making. Overall, it really was such a fun project to have worked on:))

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  1. very diverse and exciting treatments of your lines. Each of your samples is different and inspiring. By contrasting methods of making you have achieved drama and lot of surprise. I am glad you were able to test all the techniques and come with solutions to the brief

    The only thing is size of the uploaded images- we need to see these bigger – you can wait for me to explain in class..OSS likes to crunch by default to thumbnail size.

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