Project 2 Forrest Gump – Final Products

Sooooo, here it is:))) My final 4 compositions that I have chosen to print:))) I hope y’all like them:)) Do scroll down to see somemore of my progress work before I derived these (because I did tweak some compositions after consulting Ms Ina on Monday:))







Updated process (After consulting Ms Ina in class on Monday)

She pointed out to me that this looked too much like something that was just taken out from a story book cover. I actually did add elements from other areas, but I totally got what she meant and decided to tweak it. Looking at this, I definitely wanted the guy to be in it and I thought that the skulls were essential too. Hence, I explored and came up with this.witness-me_2

I thought that this fit the concept quite well because in the movie, when somebody calls the rest to witness him, its basically everybody surrounding shouting “WITNESS ME” and I thought that if portrayed in this manner, it is as if the skulls are shouting just that and getting to him.


After thinking through it, I decided to not use this as my final 4 compositions too. I feel like it falls a little flat. Hence, I worked on another composition.i-live-i-die-i-live-again_2

The idea behind this is the infinite loop and so I portrayed the humans moving towards the right and the skull towards the left and it leads the viewers eyes in a loop, which I feel represents the quote and the idea of rebirth.


This was another one I tried out that I decided not to use for my final one but probably for the media wall.

Creating the individual pieces








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