Silkscreening Tote Bag

I was really excited for this because I have never tried silkscreening before. I didn’t know the process would be so long and tedious but it was all so fun and interesting.

This is the design that I chose to silkscreen onto my bag and the quote is “Witness Me”.

I did the silkscreen multiple times on paper. The first time I did it, I forgot to spray the adhesive and so it my paper moved, so the ink smudged the design. I cleaned the screen and reapplied the ink.


This time it was almost perfect! It didn’t really smudge but some details couldn’t really be seen. It was a series of trial and error for silkscreening. Finalllyyyyy, I decided to try it on my tote bagggg….



TADA!!!! I WAS SOOOOOOOOO DISAPPOINTED! Mainly because of the mark at the bottom of my bag! I was actually really sad because that didn’t happen before.:((( Nonetheless, its a lesson learnt and it was all still valuable and exciting.photo_2016-10-08_15-18-55-copy

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