Week 1 3D Object


For me, I think that the dominant will be bumblebee’s head at the top of the bottle. The subdominant is the transparent bottle body and the subordinate is the transformers logo on the bottle. Bumblebee’s head is the first thing I look at when I look at the bottle because of the use of colours and the more complex shape is has compared to the body of the bottle, which just consists of basic shapes. Since the whole object has yellow running through it, the use of black, grey, red and blue definitely contrasts with the yellow colour, and immediately makes the bumblebee cap stand out. The subdominant uses a transparent bottle body to support the opaque head and I think that the special magical part of the bottle is the transformers logo on the bottle body. It is not fully opaque, rather just the outline of the logo, to still allow the other parts of the bottle to stand out.

One thought on “Week 1 3D Object

  1. Hi Gloria,
    Didn’t realize the Bumblebee head was part of a bottle! Interesting analysis! I agree with you on your definition of D, SD & SO. A very subtle, almost invisible & magical “SO” indeed! Perhaps you can try to translate this to your Final Rectilinear Model? 😉

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