Project 2: Red Pool

The title of the video is Red Pool.


I started this project with the inspiration from Toy Story. I thought that seeing from the view of insect/small animal is going to be different as everything around is dangerous. I remembered my dad catching lizards with various house tools like swimming boards. The lizard did not die very easily. That memory is still clear inside my head even though that happened when I was in primary school.

Story Boarding

I start with the transition from myself to the lizard. The lizard me is confused of where the place is as the lizard falls into unknown place. The animal instinct warns the lizard me that some human being is approaching. Warning goes off and runs away. The lizard me sees the opening through the door and camouflages myself with the baseboard of the wall. However, the warning goes off again and it changes to human POV as the sound of creepy laugh comes in. The human being captures the lizard and secures it on a metal plate. The lizard gets murdered by the hammer. Ominous lullaby comes in and the lizard me turn back to myself but holding the hammer that killed the lizard me.


More camera angles needed to be explored especially in the scene where the lizard me runs away from the human.

Implied meanings can be explored in the scene when the human being kills the lizard with the hammer, like the movie psycho.

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