Future World

The trip to Art Science museum had been an interesting one. ‘Future World’ was an exhibition that change my expectation of a museum visit. It encourages viewers to touch, feel and participate in the various works instead of the usual ‘see no touch’ concept. Most interactive artworks shown in ‘Future World’ are highly immersive, allowing some form of interaction between viewers and the work itself.


Personally, Crystal Universe left me in awed. The sense of depth and movement created through lighting of a huge jungle of LEDs and huge mirrors proposed an imagined journey in space. As I walk through the exhibit, I felt like I had stepped right into a Sci-fi movie one that ventures through space and alternate universe as everything felt so surreal. Once the path ends, you can turn around and appreciate the very artwork that you had just experience, the scale, the lights and ponder on deeper meanings underlying behind the beauty of this work. One particularly interesting feature of this exhibit was that it allow users to choose a certain type of star on a website, once the selection was made, the preprogrammed light movements representing that certain star will start its cycle on the LED strips real time. I felt that this feature allowed viewers to gain a sense of ownership to the Crystal Universe as well, because their decisions were applied to the interactive artwork.

Photo by Hin Wai

All in all, I applauded teamLabs for coming up with these interactive artworks, blurring the line between art and science, They showed me the future of interactive media and its possibilities in creating a physical playground for our next generation, not just a virtual one.


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