Project 2 Task 1A: Visual Research

The above are the 3 event promotion poster that I felt was interesting. The first one is a poster for a Korean star’s press conference event. Then second is a poster for a Malay Manuscript exhibition and the last one is a poster informing shoppers about TOPSHOP’s open house event. For the purpose of this assignment, I will be analysing the Korean star press conference event poster.


Task 1A: Visual Research

The poster inform viewers about the location, date and time of the press conference event of a Korean Star, Kim Myung Soo. The poster design elicits a sense of curiosity in the viewer. The poster shows the idol himself sitting on a leather couch seemingly looking out of the poster and at the viewer, creating a sense of curiosity in viewers and a mysterious aura around him. The dark background blends in with the couch at the background adding to the mysterious setting of the poster, captivating the viewers. Once the picture of the idol himself captures the interest of the viewers, their eyes will then be lead to his name (in the direction of his arm) which is the biggest text on the poster and also framed in a box. Next, viewers will read the event date which is lighter than all the other text and the second biggest in terms of font size, and finally the fine prints then the sponsors. I felt that this is a smart and effective approach for a press conference event as it grabs the attention of the viewer with the idols picture first which generates curiosity in the viewer to read on.

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