Project 2: Task 2- Design Exploration

Composition studies

My concept for the posters is fun and happiness.

I started off with the slogan: Create Art, Enjoy Life. However, comments where that it sounded too aggressive. At the stage, I have not decided on the final slogan but it will be ‘Follow the flow of Happiness’. However, this slogan will not be placed in the poster composition yet as I’m not sure if that is the final one.

The idea was to create a waterfall of paint made up of different colours. People are dancing and walking towards the waterfall. The paint and dance factor represents the Art programme. The whole design aims to bring out fun, portraying the Art & Health programme as the programme that brings happiness.



  • Visual clarity on the waterfall, create a more recognisable form of a waterfall or splash.
  • Figures looked too wobbly. The poster design is a little too static due to repetitive action of figure.
  • Insert text and slogan into composition


Design refinement 

Changes made:

  • Cleaning up on colourful waterfall
  • Redraw figures with a variety of actions
  • Finalised slogan: Enter the flow of Art
  • Insert logo



  • Art & Health should not be the main text, slogan should be main text
  • Slogan placement can be more tight or link up the text to connect the words better
  • Words should flow from a left to right manner since that is how people usually read.
  • Add more element of Art (e.g. Splatters of paint) to push the Art part of the poster
  • Tweak figures to create more indications of dancing
  • Dark background seems to work better
  • Poster seems to be segmented by the text and waterfall placement, adjust composition to remove the segmentation in the poster

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