Reading Response 1 – The Design of Everyday things

After reading this chapter, I got a better idea of what constitute to a well-designed product. Not only should the design be workable scientifically, it should also factor in the how a user approach the product and how easy it can be used.

This chapter highlights the importance of technology and psychology in products out in the market in today’s world. From the start, the author used his own personal experience with doors to show how successful products allow users to use it intuitively and efficiently. Next, he provided example of ill-designed products and how they create problems and injuries to their users. From this, the author continued on with human centred design, where he highlighted the importance of human perception and interaction as a key factor in designing a successful product. As he delve further into the topic, the author encouraged readers to design a product in a multi-disciplinary approach.

The author’s discussion on a few topics was very relatable to me. Even though I may not walk into a glass door, I often get mixed up the the way that I should open it. Furthermore, I cannot help but to agree with him on the paradox of technology. Indeed with the advancement in technology, many devices we own today can perform various function. Yet one fail to question the usability of it and whether there is a need for this device to hold so many functions such that the purpose it serves become ambiguous. Similarly, in the case of future devices, I’m always intrigue by the futuristic technology I see in sci-fi movies and cant help but to think that it will be really cool if such technology becomes viable in the coming decades. However, after this reading, I came to question how successful will such technology be as it relies heavily on the user to tell it what to do without giving the user an idea of how to go about doing so.


  1. How does one determine if design, affordability or attractiveness should be the priority of the product?
  2. If a product was not well-designed, will signifiers that are placed later be of much help?

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