Task 3: Colour Exploration


  1. Lengthen the brush stroke
  2. Change perspective of hands to improve on flow
  3. Simplify plant symbol
  4. Clean up on logo
  5. Insert text ‘Art on the Move’ into logo


After adjusting the elements of the logo, I went on to adjust the scale of the elements and text and eventually came to this:

I chose to change my ‘plant’ into a lighter shades such that it can draw the attention of the eyes out of all the black that was used on other parts of the logo. Also, by using grey, I hope to convey a sense of liveliness in this black and white colour scheme.

Colour exploration:

  • One Colour

I wanted to go for a simple look at first hence I tried to only use one vibrant colour in the whole logo. However, I realise that my logo design uses black heavily and a little bit of colour might not be substantial.


  • Bright colours and green ‘leaf’

Since my design logo is supposed to bring out a sense of liveliness and creativity, I used variations of green to go with pink, orange or red which also happens to be complementary colours. Since the swirl is suppose to represent a plant, I used greens on the ‘leaf’ and played with colours of the swirls. However, I felt that the bright colour was dominating over the overall visuals, resulting in details being neglected by the eyes.


  • Green ‘swirl’ with bright coloured leaves

Next I moved on to try variations of green on the ‘swirl’ and only using bright colours on the ‘leaf’. I realise that having a colour any lighter than ‘yellow’ would result an almost disappearing effect which was not what i wanted, hence, it was between pink, orange and red.


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