Week 1 Assignment 2: Two Objects

First object: Water Bottle

Water bottles are common things that people bring around with them. For the purpose of this assignment i would be referring to the usual plastic bottles that we can get from a convenience store. One improvement i thought of was to give the bottle an additional function, by giving the bottle an hour glass shape, The bottle could double as a dumbbell. The other two improvement I though of was to provide the user with better grip areas on the bottle. Personally I tend to take many things in my hands when I am out so having a hole or and handle so that i could hold the bottle better or even hang it somewhere while my hands fumble with other things.

Second object: Spoon

I realise that a lot sometimes, people use only a spoon throughout the entire meal. So a spoon’s functionality is highly important. My first improvement was to add a curve to the back of the spoon. This is so as I had many incidents of my spoon slipping into my bowl of food causing the trouble of picking the spoon and cleaning the food scraps off the spoon before continuing with my meal. The second improvement I had thought of was to perhaps change the curvature of the spoon to a non-uniform thickness resulting in a slant in the spoon. As such, when we scoop up our food, the food would be able to sit on the deep end better, allowing us to get food that the bottom of the plate/ bowl better.

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