Week 7 Response: Interactive Environments & Experience Design

I particularly liked the concept of Amphibious Architecture, where lights and flashes were used to attract people to care about their surrounding nature in the urban city. Using an interactive interface approach, the creator subtly incorporated information on the condition of the environment together with cool coding of light responses when something happens under the river. In this increasingly digitalised world, we become too distracted to care about happens beyond the phone since we can already gain so much knowledge from the phone. By hiding the purpose to raise awareness about marine life and aquatic environment within the interactive aspect of the installation, the creator cleverly avoided hard selling environmental issues to the nonchalant public and got the attention of the younger generation born in this digital age. In my opinion, this indirect method proves to be more effective in raising awareness about the environmental be it just conveying the message of littering in the river or the greater issues of climate change. Perhaps environmental agencies could work on coming up with more interactive experience to attract people outside the subset of nature lovers, instead of regurgitating hard facts of environmental issues to the indifferent public. They should try to spark their interest first for their messages to really get through.

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