Week 8: Kim Goodwin’s Designing for the Digital Age

This week’s readings emphasis on the importance Goal-oriented design. The author spent the chapter listing out steps to take during such a design process, where everything from conceptualisation to execution are well planned and timely accomplished. Thorough research was an important aspect of the proposed design process, where good analysis of obtained knowledge could potentially quicken the pace of realising a concept. There is a repetition of themes with other readings about how good design solutions should root from context of human problem was obvious in this reading too.

I couldn’t agree more with the author’s insights on research. After doing many individual projects, I observed a habit in me to become a little too subjective at times. I only focus on what I thought was great and all but tend to forget the opinions of intended users. At times, a design that was suppose to aid users loss its purpose as made my design decisions a tad too subjective. Thus I would say that thorough research should be accompanied with constant review of design purposes to ensure that our main design problem does not blur into the background resulting in an outcome that does not pinpoint and resolve the main issue.

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