Week 9 Assignment: Project ideas


Issue: People are less aware of their surrounding environment as they become too engaged to their mobile devices.


Solution: Interactive interface throughout city urban landscapes that are linked to the phone by GPS. With reference to the Amphibious Architecture interactive design mentioned in previous lesson, I would proposed that interactive light installations, and modifications of existing static installations can be made various attractions such as Singapore River, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Barrage etc. Once the application is launch, GPS detection with data service will track the users’s location and allow them to interact with the installations. It could be certain blinking of lights, activation of certain sounds to engage the audience to notice the city environment that they previously neglected. Augmented reality (AR) can also be deployed to create certain responses that an existing static installation could have when the user ‘scan’ them using their mobile devices. While the audiences are engrossed with the graphics, information about the environment such as air and noise pollution levels, litter at the area or interesting environmental facts can be relayed to the users through the responses given by the lights, sound and graphics in AR.



Issue: Bringing mobile devices to the toilet…

Solution: Interactive interface on mirrors at home. Toilet mirrors and dressing table mirrors will act as an interactive screen that can be personalised by the user. Social media updates, weather forecast, Youtube etc can be accessed through this interface. Furthermore, users can update what they have in their wardrobe to a cloud storage system so that they can try on their clothes virtually in the bathroom or dressing table in the room, reducing time wasted on trying on different outfits physically. Any fashion or make up advice can also be clarified immediately on Google while at personal spaces at home. The whole interface is built upon the goal of maximising bathroom time, providing personal timely updates and advices on personal grooming and reducing the chances of personal mobile devices from dropping in the toilet through eliminating the need to bring it to the toilet altogether.



Issue: Hassle in transferring large amount of data between networks and devices without thumb drives or hard disk. Thumb drives might be misplaced easily and hard disk are often easily damage which could be a hassle when important data are stored in them.

Solution: A closed interconnected or intra-connected network interface for wireless transfer of data. Information can be easily transferred with a swipe to nearby device(s) that are previously allowed into the network to prevent any leaking of information. A common storage cloud could be created between common devices such as phones, laptops, desktops, tv etc (even when they are not under the same brand). This interface hopes to eliminate the use of external storage system while ensuring that one’s privacy isn’t at risk which is a concern to many in the case of online storage system.

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