Assignment 1 – Biography


Hiew Jin Yee is an aspiring artist who seeks to explore how the use of technology can be brought into arts. She is currently pursuing a Degree in Fine Arts in Interactive Media at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) , School of Art, Design and Media.

She has a background in Interactive Media in Polytechnic where she is exposed to different 2D and 3D software like Illustrator, Photoshop and 3D Max. From then on, she grew her interest on how we can incorporate art and technology.

She is often inspired by the theme of dreams, where she think that dreams can be interpreted in many ways. Through her works, she hope that the audience will be able to experience the artwork with their full creativity.

The Dream Enclosure

Our project objective is to provide an interactive experience to the user via the use of the confined, altered space coupled with abstract visuals and audio recordings to enable the user to experience someone else’s dreams as open-endedly as possible. This project recognises the uniqueness of human thought and imagination and hence invites the user to experience someone else’s dream with their full creativity.


The Virtual Reality of Stories
By Laurie Anderson

Laurie Anderson has worked on virtual reality storytelling and in this interview, she speaks about virtual reality as a medium to tell stories. In our opinion, virtual reality is the ultimate alteration of space, that is only limited by technology. She also uses narration in many of her videos along with illustrations, which is what we aim to do with dream narration but with abstract visuals. In our project, we have chosen to record and use the voices of the people who dreamt these dreams which is more personal.


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