2D – Project 1 Final outcome | Reflection


IMG_1976 IMG_1977IMG_1982 IMG_1980

Emotions can be so easy to feel but hard to express. In our everyday life, we see and feel emotions everywhere. How do I express it in art? I went to look up on the different definition to get a better understanding of each emotion. After, I went online and research on emotions and did some drawing in my sketchbook before trying out on different tools. Those drawing make me have a clearer picture of the emotions.

During the weekend, I get whatever material I can as my mark marking tools. Then continue trying out different tools and get many different pattern and texture. How do I use these tools to express the emotion? At first, I did not take into consideration of the emotion while doing it. I tried experimenting with the different tools and found out which tools and pattern can suit a certain emotion.

I applied the things that I learn in class and the process of experimenting different tools in my final outcome. I learnt that everyone have different perspective in emotion and feel it in a different way. How I express that particular feeling is what I feel about it that others might not agree. Overall, it was fun exploring so many different kinds of tools and the learning outcome was great.

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