2D – Project 2 Final | Reflection

This is the final design for all 4 different movie quotes.
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Life’s a climb, but the view is great. – Hannah Montana: The Movie 2009


Anyone can be anything. – Zootopia 2016


I’ll never let go, Jack. I promised. – Titanic 1997


I realize now that dying is easy, living is hard. – If I stay 2014





How did I come about selecting the movie quotes was based on the movie I watched. Also, I went online to search for famous movie quote and watch it before thinking of the design. Everyone have different understanding towards the movie quotes. It is dependent on how I look at it and try to work on it.

Throughout the process, I feel that I am slowly finding the direction of my work. I did not know what I should use to bring out the meaning of the quote. Therefore, I have to understand the movie quote before working on it. At first, all my design came out too literal and there is no depth to it. After several consultations, I feel that I did improve a lot in my design, for example the movie quote on Hannah Montana: The Movie. I am always not confident in my work on whether this will work out for this quote or not. Thus, the feedback that I received was very useful for me to improve on my work. All the references provided also allow me to explore more into my design.

This is also the first time I doing silkscreen printing thus it a whole new experience for me. Overall, it was fun exploring new things and looking at the final product was pleasing too.

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