2D – Project 2 Process v6

After consultation, these are the updated design from the previous development and there is one more movie quote to complete the whole project.

I’ll never let go, Jack. I promise. – Titanic (1997)

This is the updated design, where I added in the waves to symbolize the ocean. The whole idea is still the same as I mention in my previous post, where the skull representing the death on Jack. While at the back of his mind, he have never forgotten about Rose till the last minute as you can see in the design where there is roses and a woman face.


Anyone can be anything – Zootopia (2016)

In my previous post, I mentioned that the geometry effect I use for the animal was too off from the human face design as the lines are not prominent enough. Thus, I went on to explore more on different images and this is the latest design. Where a woman trying to become something that she want to be. I uses animal as they all have different personalities, it is able to bring out the idea of what the woman is trying to achieve. Be it the characteristic of a wolf or a cat.


I realize now that dying is easy, living is hard. – If I Stay (2014)

She sees Denny in a room with a patch over his eye. She overhears the doctors say that both Kat and Denny are dead, and that if Mia wakes up at all, she is going to be an orphan. Fearing for Teddy, Mia runs to his room to check on him and promises to never leave his side.
Mia runs downstairs and sees Teddy’s room empty. The doctors talk to her grandparents and inform them that Teddy had an epidural hemorrhage and they couldn’t save him. Mia breaks down and realizes Teddy will never get to grow up and live a full life. This sudden shock physically disturbs Mia, and the doctors take her out of the ICU for further medical attention.


The quote says that dying is easy, I uses a girl hanging upside down because she doesn’t know what to do anymore and the rope to represent how vulnerable life is if she decided that she wants to end her life.  She is still struggling between living and dying, there is something on earth that she doesn’t want to let go, which must be something beautiful and would make her want to stay. So should her expression be happy or sad? Thus, I use flowers to cover her facial expression.


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