2D – Project 2 Silkscreen Testing

During class, we try out silkscreen printing for the first time. We are tasked to print our design on transparency.


From coating to exposing and then inking the design, I find the whole process was interesting.  I realize some part of my design doesn’t come off very well. It might be the gray scale or some parts of the design details is too small to come out nicely.


After everything is done, I try inking it on paper. However, the first try fail because there was too much ink and it smudged. I continue a few more times with lesser ink, and the details come out more and more clearly.


I decided to change the design after consultation with Mimi, thus I have to remove the emulsion away using some chemical.


This is the first time I’m doing silkscreen printing and the experience was good! Looking forward to printing my design on tote bag on the next lesson! Meanwhile, I will be working on improving my design now!

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