5 thoughts on “3D II – Sacred Oddities: Final”

  1. HELLO

    i really liked the concept of your books (cos i also did a book hehehe same same) but i liked the way you placed the objects and the way the hole gets bigger as you flip through the pages. i think though if the title and text were printed it would have matched the feels of the book a lot better. and maybe cos when you held it vertically the objects keep falling down, either the hole can be made deeper or can seal it with acrylic (if you’re not intending to take out the object to show) 🙂

    1. & one thing i’ve learnt is to try to combine multiple elements like text and items into one. and the last page!!!! i forgot to mention how pretty it was hahaha

  2. Is interesting to see how you use a series of book as medium, really nice that there is a narrative going on. It intrigues us to read and look for following artefacts. What I feel can be improve is maybe instead of handwriting it, text would be better to incorpated to the theme and the cover that holds the serie of books could explore to with paper material since for the series you played with the form of paper, the one that has a light to shine through. Could explore another form of paper form. Nice work!

  3. The way you made your box into a series of books was really creative and unique. It really looks as if there is a story going on as you flip the pages. I thought that instead of handwriting your text you can use fonts to better fit into the film. You can also consider using another material to make you book. And your book can also be more colourful, brighter and vibrant like the according to spirited away. I thought that this will give it more feels like the book came from the film itself. What I’ve learnt is that using different mediums and incorporate different things together works really well too.

  4. Hullo Jin Yee! I think you took layering to the next level with this hidden in a book concept. I think it was all well done and well hidden to tell this narrative of the “Spirited Away”. In particular, i love the part at the end where it involves the recollection and light up of the memories that Chihiro misses :”)

    I think if you were to use more specific ways of portraying how Chihiro felt during that particular moment, like instead of just words but decorations and also how deep the hole is carved into the book, it would made me feel even more for the character and her adventure.

    Otherwise i think this method is really consistent and tells a great story as a “storybook”. hahha :”)

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