4D – Conceptualization pt2

My initial idea was to do a before and after and focusing on food. However, i decided to change the theme to Pairs. The reason be it there is not a lot of farm in Singapore and the farm location are quite remote.

Pair, i separate the idea into three different component.

  1. a set of two things used together. For example, some things are meant work together, if one is missing the item can’t function. (Eg. Chopsticks)
  2. When you think of one thing, you will automatically link it to another. Some might not agree, but this is what i think of when one of them is mention. (Eg. Fork & Spoon)
  3. Others like relationship, in term of family, friends or lover

The mindmap below will show you more on the list of item that is link to pair.


I took a few photo to convey this idea, but this is not how the final composition going to be like.



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