4D – Project 3 Final


She wake up to a typical morning, nothing seems unusual to her. However, things start to get strange when she starts brushing her teeth without toothpaste, wearing socks with only one side and same goes for the shoes. More and more things are missing from her daily life. What is missing?

The idea of this project is linked to my project 1 and 2 which is about pairs. Through the video, I want the audience to start thinking what is missing in it. Throughout my 3 project, the idea I want to bring out is that we should not neglect some items in life just because we are so used to them being placed together. If any of them is missing, then we start to wonder what is wrong.

This project is the continuation of my previous project on pairs, thus the idea developing is not as tough as previous 2 project. I picked out a few item from the previous project and add them into my video. In most of the scene, I used a frontal view, so that the audience can have a closer view of the item. The overall project was interesting to explore, and receiving feedback on how to improve my video really helps too.

How I come about with the title Missing? In my video, not all the item comes in pair (a set of two things used together). They are just items where our brain automatically link them together. With the idea of allowing the audience to start thinking what is missing, thus I used this title.

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