DOW 2: Aladin Smart Lamp

Aladin Smart Lamp is designed for elderly people living alone. It helps to detect nighttime movement and alerts care givers in case of a fall.

What can Aladin Smart Lamp do?
1. During night time, once Aladin detect movement, it will illuminates gradually and without glare to help brighten the room which make it safer to move about.

2. Aladin has data analysis system, Predicare, where it helps to detect sleep patterns. The number of time someone wakes up might be signs of declining health.

3. If someone falls, it will send an alert to the people that is chosen to be alerted.

4. Aladin also detects temperature change and alert care taker if the change is significant.

5. It also detects abnormal presence, in case of intrusion where it will send an alert too to warn someone of intrusion.

Importance of Aladin Smart Lamp

  1. Research has shown that 646,000 people die from a fall over the world.
  2. People over the age of 65 are the most affected.
  3. There have been 37 million serious falls require medical intervention

The invention of Aladin Smart Lamp help reduce the chances of elderly dying from a fall or health issue where an immediate help will be send. It help to alert your love one in case of emergency, be it a fall or a change in sleep patterns.