DOW 3: Eidos

Eidos wearable tech: The sensory Augmentation Equipment

A group of students from the Royal College of Art in London has developed Eidos, two masks that allow the user to adjust their sight and hearing. It is to enhance sensory perception by tuning in to different sound or image.

Eidos vision

This mask helps to enhance the sight. A head-mounted camera captures the scene of what the user is seeing in real-time and send to the computer to process it. The information then returns to the user inside the headset with enhancements, detecting patterns of movement.

Eidos Audio

This mask helps to enhance the hearing. It covers the mouth and ears which helps to cancel all noises except the one you want to hear. A directional microphone captures the audio which is processed by software to neutralise the background noise. The mask consists of 3 channels: the left, right and central mouth piece. It passes the isolated sound directly to the inner ear via bone vibration. This creates the unique sensation of hearing a voice right inside his head.

This project seems to be just a concept and nothing is implemented yet. Thus is it really possible to make this come to life which helps to enhance our sight and hearing?