Semester Project Proposal – Bedtime Snacks (By Felicia, Yijie & Jinyee)

Overview of the Project

A daily skin care routine is important but its always a hassle to store them and remembering the steps. This machine allows you to store your skin care product in sequence and dispensing automatically.

We decided to include these few items: toner, moisturiser, body lotion, essential oil, water and along with cotton pad dispenser at the side.

Model Sketch


Taking the drinks dispenser as our reference, they get to preset the drinks and they can choose the drinks they want. Upon detecting the cup, the machine will automatically dispense the correct amount of liquor with the correct mix.

Image result for drinks dispenser machine arduino


Week Date
7 24 Sept Semester Project Pitch
Recess Buying of Material
8 8 Oct Design Sketches
9 15 Oct Low Fidelity Prototype
10 22 Oct Start on Final (Cutting board materials, hook up electronics)
11 29 Oct Pitching electronic board and pump / Start on code
12 5 Nov Refine Prototype (Run code and modify code)
13 12 Nov Final Touch up / Documentation / Final Production Video 
14 19 Nov Semester Project Submission


Momentary Push Button Switch × 2
8 Channel Relay
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
12V Switching Power Supply
Power Cable
5V Regulator × 1
Power Distribution Board × 1
OLED Display × 1
1N4007 Diode × 6
Jumper wires

Peristaltic Pump × 6
Food Grade Silicone Tubing 2mm Inner Diameter × 3

Kitchen Funnel × 1
3mm Outdoor Mounting Tape × 1
Wood Screws × 1
M2.5 Screws × 4
PVC Project Board