Micro Project 6: Glitch Aberrations

Animated GIF

This illustration with photo manipulation shows a girl suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder. The fear she have in social situation is so strong that they feel its beyond their ability to control. The glitch process shows that she is drowning in people judgement and rejection. They may appear to be normal however sometimes they are dying from the inside, screaming for help.

Micro Project 5: The Third Space (Sheryl and Jinyee)

Posted by Sheryl Sim on Tuesday, 25 September 2018


Sheryl and I tried to have lunch over the third space. Initially it was really difficult to sync our action and having to transport food over to one another. We have to plan out what we want to do and come out with the sequence. We tried a few times doing the same thing to get it “perfect” but there’s still some flaws. To be honest, it gets quite awkward for me because we are repeating the same thing on live over and over again. However, thankfully Sheryl is able to hold the stage and make things easier for me!

Micro Project 4: Pirate Broadcasting II

For this micro project, I decided to do a live stream on Instagram. I planned to do it when I was out with my friends. I haven’t met them in like 2 months and thought that it will be interesting to do it together with them. It was kinda impromptu because I did not prepare any question for them. Also, they helped me by asking me question too when there was an awkward pause.