Interactive Spaces Final Project

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Deforestation is the permanent destruction of forests in order to make the land available for other uses. Forests are not just a collection of trees and other plants but they are integrated ecosystems and home to some of the most diverse life on Earth. When forests are lost, their destruction sets off a series of change that affect life around the world. In my project, I would like to use AR to bring the audience into the wild and realised the problem of deforestation.

Working with unity

This is the first time I’m using unity and the online tutorial actually helps me a lot. In unity itself, there’s a vuforia plugin that enable us to create an AR app. This tutorial is really useful for my project as I need to detect the tree and project something on it.

Before trying on my matchsticks tree, I input a random object for unity to detect and display sparkles on it. Initially, I tried using my laptop camera and it works. When exporting into my mobile phone, some problems occurs as my Xcode doesn’t work. Xcode is an application to transfer unity program into iphone iOS specifically. I realised I build it in a wrong player setting, in order for it to run in iOS, we have to build it in the iOS player setting.


After trying out on different object to ensure that the whole thing will work, I slowly work with my own tree. However, I realised that the image that I placed into unity to allow it to detect the original object is important as it affects if the camera is able to detect. Due to the change in lighting, unity does not recognise my image target and thus not able to display the animation.

Initially, I wanted to add in more interactive elements like getting the audience to play with the background other than the tree. The audience will be able to navigate through a forest and different hidden buttons will actually activate the hidden scene. However, I tried inputting buttons and C# script into unity but it doesn’t detect the area that I want to navigate. I manage to get the camera to detect the whole area and display some black and white images (as seen in video 0.09). Thus I decided to work on other element for submission.

Final Process

I moved on to add leaves where audience is able to view different video about deforestation from it. Each leaf is built with matchsticks as well and they are unique in shape so that unity is able to detect each individual leaf and display different video accordingly. Also, the camera is able to detect more than one object to display the respective video.

Final Outcome

Further Enhancement

I would like to find out more on what AR is capable of doing and also improve on my current project where the detection could be better. Currently, it’s not sensitive enough to detect the object immediately and sometimes the detection will not work due to change in lighting or any other external factors. Thus, working on the image target sensitivity will be important in enhancing the user experience. Also, I feel that there could be more interactivity to it like being able to interact with the interface and surrounding.


World Skin, 1997
By Maurice Benayoun

Interactive Spaces Mid Sem Project (Analog)

Study of Spaces (Moving and static image)

Up & Up
By Coldplay

From their album ‘A Head Full Of Dreams‘ is a series of trippy, impossible, dream-like images which hold political and social import. This video consists of over-layered visuals, and has the band playing the song in various landscapes and locations.Those images are stitched together to form and create the out-of-place images. The outcome of compositing several images are quirky and draw the audience attention to the video. It plays with many different perspective and placement of the elements.

This music video consists of disjointed incongruous images and it has the singer striding over the world, a soccer field on a sponge, a bridge on a puddle of water and a lady jumping into a pool of clouds. It’s interesting how they play with different element and combined them so seamlessly together. Audience might feel that the elements don’t belong together but this also trigger their mind into thinking why are they together.

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They fused images of the glorious 1950s America, synonymous with wealth and abundance with urgent pressing social issues like the refugee situation and dastardly consequences of wrong decisions from those in power.

Study of Spaces (Physical space for art)

Lunar Surface
By Kimchi and Chips

The artists worked within the concrete chambers of Bucheon city Incinerator. A vertical flag of fabric is stroked by the wind and displaced by curves of air, swinging back and forth. Through the movement, it will leaves a trail of light which draws a heavy fragile moon floating in space. The flag renders this moon from another reality, the silk surface acting as an intermediating manifold between reality and virtuality.


This installation is collaborated with a photographer where the long exposure photography trades the dimension of time for a dimension of space. This serve as a metaphor for the fourth dimension of time and its formative influences. The fabric is tracked by a 3D camera whilst a projector replays a response onto it according to its evolving shape.

It’s intriguing to realised how technology and nature has come into place to create this installation. Living in the word today, we become even more dependent on new forms of knowledge based on images and automation. Yet we still remain unaware of what lays behind these technologies and how these images are compiled.

100 Lights/Pavilion

1 Lightbulb

10 Lightbulbs

100 Lightbulbs


Durian, also known as the “King of Fruits”, it is distinctive for its large size, strong odour and thorn-covered rind. Some people regard the durian as having a pleasantly sweet fragrance, whereas others find the aroma overpowering with an unpleasant odour.

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Locals have dubbed them “the Durian”, as the twin structures resemble the spiky tropical fruit that is unique to this part of the world.

Image result for esplanade

“Esplanade is Singapore’s national performing arts centre and one of the busiest arts centres in the world. Since its opening in 2002, the centre has presented more than 41,000 performances and activities, drawing an audience of 28 million patrons and 98 million visitors. This architectural icon, with its distinctive twin shells, houses world-class performance spaces complemented by a comprehensive range of professional support services.”

Interactive Spaces Mid Sem Project (Analog)


An artificial tree made up of matchsticks. The use of matchsticks is to indicates how this vicious cycle work where humans kill trees to create object for human use but yet harming the environment that affects humans too.


Honestly speaking, using matchsticks were really tedious due to its size. I used up almost 400 boxes of matchsticks and eventually ran out of matchsticks to complete the final branch.

Final Outcome (analog)

What can be improve?

Adding more interactive element, giving the audience a choice to burn or not to burn the tree. Human are usually the one making the decision thus this installation give them a choice to whether they want to harm the environment.

What’s next? (Digital)

Idea 1 – Projecting visuals on the ‘tree’

Using visuals to tell a story about the cause and consequence of deforestation.

Image result for projection mapping on trees
Tree Of Life Awakenings | New Nighttime Projection Mapping Show At Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Idea 2 – Unveil the Truth using Mobile Devices

Using mobile devices to pan through the tree, where it will slowly reveal the cause of deforestation. For example, setting the tree on fire and etc.

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Into the Wild – An Immersive Virtual Adventure

Click here for Mid Sem Project Prototype

Interactive Spaces Mid Sem Project – Prototype


Deforestation comes in many forms, including fires, clear-cutting for agriculture, ranching and development, unsustainable logging for timber, and degradation due to climate change. This impacts people’s livelihoods and threatens a wide range of plant and animal species.


To explore on the issues of deforestation and raise awareness of how harmful it can be.


A tree made up of matchsticks in a room. The use of matchsticks is to indicates how this vicious cycle work where humans kill trees to create object for human use but yet harming the environment that affects humans too.




Interactive Spaces Experience 2

Done by: Jin Yee and Yi Jie


We have become used to plastic bags to carry our stuff around. They’re cheap and handy and readily available. But is it really worth the negative impact to our environment? Plastic doesn’t biodegrade. It’s forever. Adding on, the production of plastic used 8% of our oil resources and pollutes the environment with toxic air too.

Therefore, in this assignment, we are trying to bring about the awareness of plastic bags through placing them at different locations around ADM.


Firstly, we remind the audience about the convenience of carrying plastic bags around by hanging them from the ceiling. We have become used to plastic bags to carry our stuff around. They’re cheap and handy and readily available. But is it really worth the negative impact to our environment?

Plastic waste can be found everywhere, however, only 1% to 3% is recycled. By dumping plastic waste into the oceans, plastic degrades itself into little pieces where marine animals mistook them as food and kills them. Therefore, we have decided to strategically place plastic bags along the stairs such that every step someone takes, they can see the number of plastic waste humans are producing.


Final Product