2D – Project 3 “Ego” | Final

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Process v1
Process v2
Process v3
Color Research
Process v4
Process v5

First Equation





Second Equation






Third Equation






Fourth Equation







For all the 4 equation, the lips are tetrad 2. I want the lips to have a good sense of contrast with the background but not too big of a different.



As for the background, I make use of the clock hands to create a path to have a contrasting colors. For this, I uses complementary colors for all 4 equation.



Throughout the whole project, I was very lost in the style that I want to use. As seen in my process, I wanted to go for digital collage which I was inspired from Julien Pacaud, however the use of colors for collage is challenging and I still can’t have a good control of it. Thus I abandon that idea and went on to research more on the different style I can use. The whole process of finding the style I want to go for is tough. If I can’t decide on a style, I can’t start my project at all. As I further research, I chance upon pop art where the use of color there is very strong. Finally, I know where my project is leaning towards and I start on my composition.

To have a better direction of what my project is going towards, I came out with a narrative to it. I titled my project “Me at this time”. Where I want to portray my life staying in hall and attending class. It’s basically a day in my life. At certain time of the day what am I doing. With this in mind, I have a better idea of composing my design and what element to add in my project.

Although when I first received the project brief, I was like this is going to be challenging as we will be touching on colors and it’s definitely not something I am strong at. Throughout the whole project, although at some point of time I was stuck, I am still glad that I finally find a direction that I want and completed this project. I was pleased with the outcome and thankful for all the feedback I received from Mimi and friends.


2D – Project 3 “Ego” | Process v5

As I go on and explore on different composition, there are some fail composition.

Morning in Bed

The bed there just makes the overall design very flat. 

For this, I feel that the background gets a bit too boring, thus I added some colors at the background for the final composition.

Don’t want to get out of bed

I cannot decide where to position the cloud where it symbolize dream, I tried these two different composition and received feedback that it look weird in a way or another.

Where this composition look too complicated at the background.

Getting coffee in canteen

I tried putting myself into the coffee, however it doesn’t seems to work at all. 
For these, I feel that the view of the coffee can be further improve. Thus for the final, I changed to another type of view for the coffee cup.

After all the fail composition, I finally come out with the final one that will be shown in the next post. All these process really do help me out in finding out which one work best for each composition.

2D – Project 3 “Ego” | Process v4

I decided to go for this style for my project 3. As mention previously, I will be using Me at this Time to present my work. Here is the work that I have done and will be improving on it.

Tired Me

I used illustrator to create my face using this photo as reference.


What are some things to improved on are adding more details for the face features and also adding a neck will make the composition more complete and not look so weird.

Morning in Hall

I used a bed to represent my hall and added a clock that stops at 7.30 which is the time that I wake up for classes.

What are some things to improved on a is the scene it too plain. Maybe changing the setting and the clock to something more funky will helps. Will try and explore for this part.

Don’t want to get out of bed

I used cloud to symbolize dream, where she is sleeping and do not want to get out of bed. There is also a character holding balloons drifting among the cloud, which represent she still want to wander in her dreams. 

2D – Project 3 “Ego” | Color Research

Project 3 is all about colors. Thus, after having some ideas on how I want my whole composition to look like, it’s time to do some research on colors to complete my work.


Primary Colors: Red, yellow and blue
In traditional color theory (used in paint and pigments), primary colors are the 3 pigment colors that can not be mixed or formed by any combination of other colors. All other colors are derived from these 3 hues.

Secondary Colors: Green, orange and purple
These are the colors formed by mixing the primary colors.

Tertiary Colors: Yellow-orange, red-orange, red-purple, blue-purple, blue-green & yellow-green
These are the colors formed by mixing a primary and a secondary color. That’s why the hue is a two word name, such as blue-green, red-violet, and yellow-orange.


Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel are considered to be complementary colors (example: red and green).

The high contrast of complementary colors creates a vibrant look especially when used at full saturation. This color scheme must be managed well so it is not jarring.

Complementary colors are tricky to use in large doses, but work well when you want something to stand out.

Complementary colors are really bad for text.



Analogous color schemes use colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. They usually match well and create serene and comfortable designs.

Analogous color schemes are often found in nature and are harmonious and pleasing to the eye.

Make sure you have enough contrast when choosing an analogous color scheme.

Choose one color to dominate, a second to support. The third color is used (along with black, white or gray) as an accent.




The split-complementary color scheme is a variation of the complementary color scheme. In addition to the base color, it uses the two colors adjacent to its complement.

This color scheme has the same strong visual contrast as the complementary color scheme, but has less tension.

The split-complimentary color scheme is often a good choice for beginners, because it is difficult to mess up.



Warm colors are vivid and energetic, and tend to advance in space.

Cool colors give an impression of calm, and create a soothing impression.

White, black and gray are considered to be neutral.


Pure Color

These are colors that are not mixed with other hues. They’re usually incorporated into bright designs.



These are colors mixed with white. They convey a lighter, more peaceful, and less energetic feeling than pure colors. They’re also considered more feminine.



These are colors mixed with black and are effective in communicating mysterious, dark, evil, or dangerous moods. Shades can work well with gradients when used with either a pure color or lighter shade.

Colors also represent emotions. How different people see different colors and feel differently.


Here are more emotions in relation to colors.


2D – Project 3 “Ego” | Process v3

Me at this time

The idea for my 4 setting will be what am I doing at certain timing. Here are some of the settings that I have brainstormed and will be working on it. It’s like a day of what I am doing during the weekdays when there is school.

7.30am Tired me + morning in hall = don’t want to get out of bed
8.15am Exhausted me + canteen = time to get coffee
9am Energetic me + school = time to start working
2pm Drained me + late afternoon in hall = nap time
7pm Recharged me + night in hall = rush assignment

At first I was going for the digital collage style. However I realize that it is quite hard to play with colors there. I am still trying to figure out on the go.

I went on and try a different style which is pop art or comic style. Where I also included myself into the composition.

7.30am Tired me + morning in hall = don’t want to get out of bed

Tired Me

I was thinking of combining different style for different columns.

Me (comic style) + Setting (digital collage/flat design)

However, I feel that it might be too messy for my whole project and it might not sync well with one another. Still trying to work on it.

Here are some examples that I found on Pinterest for pop art.







Here are some examples that I found on Pinterest for flat design.




2D – Project 3 “Ego” | Process v2

Initially, I wanted to create a character that represent me throughout the project. However, after doing more research, I decided to discard the character idea and go for digital collage.

Julien Pacaud

He concentrates particularly on “retro” visuals from the 1900s to the 1970s, and this, in addition to a great fondness for Magritte and a strong taste for the geometric, produces scenes and environments that playfully evoke the fascinating mythology of a not-too-distant future.








First Draft

Curious me


First day in school


Anticipating the journey

My work now is too flat, the contrast between each element is not strong enough. Thus, I will play around more with the different element and determine which element is the focus.

2D – Project 3 “Ego” | Process v1

For our final project, we are suppose to create a self portrait based on four different settings. For each of the four rows, we have to use the first column to represent ourselves and the second column to represent a setting an the last column to represent an imagined outcome.

The last 2 project we did not touch on colors at all, this project allows us to explore more on colors. I went on to research more on colors.

Romero Britto

He is an international artist that uses vibrant, bold and colorful patterns to reflect his optimistic view of the world around him.
He play around with a lot of colors and I like how he uses such “happy” colors in his artwork.




Yoshitomo Nara

He is a Japanese artist best known for his paintings of children and animals that appear simultaneously sweet and sinister, with large, expressive eyes that convey an emotional power.




I like how the character have different emotion and imagination. I would most probably  go for this type of cartoon-ish style for my project. Still trying to explore more on different platform, will try to create the character by next lesson!