2D – Project 3 “Ego” | Final

Click the links below to view my process.

Process v1
Process v2
Process v3
Color Research
Process v4
Process v5

First Equation





Second Equation






Third Equation






Fourth Equation







For all the 4 equation, the lips are tetrad 2. I want the lips to have a good sense of contrast with the background but not too big of a different.



As for the background, I make use of the clock hands to create a path to have a contrasting colors. For this, I uses complementary colors for all 4 equation.



Throughout the whole project, I was very lost in the style that I want to use. As seen in my process, I wanted to go for digital collage which I was inspired from Julien Pacaud, however the use of colors for collage is challenging and I still can’t have a good control of it. Thus I abandon that idea and went on to research more on the different style I can use. The whole process of finding the style I want to go for is tough. If I can’t decide on a style, I can’t start my project at all. As I further research, I chance upon pop art where the use of color there is very strong. Finally, I know where my project is leaning towards and I start on my composition.

To have a better direction of what my project is going towards, I came out with a narrative to it. I titled my project “Me at this time”. Where I want to portray my life staying in hall and attending class. It’s basically a day in my life. At certain time of the day what am I doing. With this in mind, I have a better idea of composing my design and what element to add in my project.

Although when I first received the project brief, I was like this is going to be challenging as we will be touching on colors and it’s definitely not something I am strong at. Throughout the whole project, although at some point of time I was stuck, I am still glad that I finally find a direction that I want and completed this project. I was pleased with the outcome and thankful for all the feedback I received from Mimi and friends.