4D – Image and Meaning

Something that is not “NTU” at all (you would not expect it to be NTU) – I didn’t get any photo for this because I think whatever that i see in NTU is there for a reason, therefore nothing in NTU in not NTU at all.

Somebody not studying in NTU – The photo is pretty much self-explanatory. However thanks to them our school is so well maintained.  


Somebody studying in NTU – They are surfing the net using their laptop, most probably doing research or studying for their module inside ADM building. 


Useless image you see – To be honest, i will not bother about the amount of calories reduced by climbing this stairs. In NTU, there are tons of stairs to climb everyday, so everyone most probably won’t notice the sign too. 


Useful image you see – As long as the image send out a message, I find it useful. For this case, it’s to remind student not to use plastic bottle and save the environment. 


Nature – Trees and greenery pretty much sums up the term, nature.  


Urban Nature – Adding greenery to building/structure, this is urban nature. 


Urban – A building where people gets to study in.


Singapore – This banner with a moon and five stars which symbolize Singapore flag. 


A place where art is shown – Inside ADM where students get to showcase their artwork. This wall shows the artwork of ADM year 2 student. 


A place where art is made – Inside ADM, it’s a place where student get to develop their idea into an art. 


A photograph with a faculty – Second row, third from the right. He is a faculty in EOS.


A photograph that shows what the Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS) may be about – Everyone will get to know what EOS is about by reading this.