4D – Project 2 Concept Development 2

After doing more research, I decided to work on Pair. I went on to do some test shot.

I tried taking photo of one object against white background. I want the viewer to start thinking what is missing in the photo.


I went on and try taking another photo, which is to show some part of the missing pair in the background. However, I receive comment from my friends that it turn out to be too obvious and literal for the viewer. Thus, I decided to use the first approach which is shown above.

17 24

I went on to research on more different type of items that comes in pair and continue with the shooting. I am done with my project 2, and will upload everything once the presentation is over.

4D – Project 2 Concept Development 1

I want to work on my Project 1 which is on the topic pair. However, I do not know what can I do to make it stand out from Project 1. Thus, I went online to search on pair. All I get was couple photo everywhere in google. This is not what I want to work on. Thus I was kinda stuck with my idea here.


After consultation, I realize my friends and Robert love how my initial idea was on Project 1 which is taking object against white/black background as compared to my Project 1 final submission.

Initial Idea:

Final submission:
The background is fighting for attention and it is too complicating that the main object does not stand out.

I went back and thinking if I should continue on this topic or come out with a new one. I went to look at different magazine to get inspiration. As I was going through the magazine, I realize how magazine only shows one side of the shoe in almost every photo that is related to shoes. So I wanted to focus on only shoe for found images. However, Robert throw me back a question, “what are you suggesting by simply looking for just one shoe?” Then I realize there is no purpose to this range on found images. Thus, I decided to abandon this idea.

img_2221 img_2222

As I was going through the magazine to look for pair, I came across many girls with make-up images. I wanted to portray how can make-up change a girl confidence/self esteem and etc. The comment I received was it will be a more interesting approach to look for images without make-up because that would be a more critical stance on how woman are always portrayed with make-up in the media.

img_2220 img_2219

However, this two idea was too literal to match the idea. I have to think is there any other way I can look at this two idea different?

Robert suggested that the idea is to flesh something that is originally not there in the images, and not use them as an accompaniment to illustrate what is obvious.

Thus, I went on to research more on still life photography.

Robert Mapplethorpe

He is an American photographer, known for his sensitive yet blunt treatment of controversial subject-matter in the large-scale. His photo are mostly in black and white medium. He also experimented with various materials in mixed-media collages, including images cut from books and magazines. I like how he uses a simple background to allows the audience to have the full attention on the object itself.




I should research more before concluding on which idea I want to work for in Project 2. I tend to drift my thoughts towards something too literal and that is something I should work on.

4D – Conceptualization pt2

My initial idea was to do a before and after and focusing on food. However, i decided to change the theme to Pairs. The reason be it there is not a lot of farm in Singapore and the farm location are quite remote.

Pair, i separate the idea into three different component.

  1. a set of two things used together. For example, some things are meant work together, if one is missing the item can’t function. (Eg. Chopsticks)
  2. When you think of one thing, you will automatically link it to another. Some might not agree, but this is what i think of when one of them is mention. (Eg. Fork & Spoon)
  3. Others like relationship, in term of family, friends or lover

The mindmap below will show you more on the list of item that is link to pair.


I took a few photo to convey this idea, but this is not how the final composition going to be like.



4D – Conceptualization pt1

My idea was to do a before and after, focusing on food. How is the food like before its process and put on our table. For example, chicken and after processing it, it can turn into a chicken burger or a plate of chicken rice. I went on to research on the type of animal in Singapore that i can capture.

The mindmap shows the type of food i want to do on and the location i want to shoot the animal. There is also another side of the mindmap which shows Singapore. I wanted to show the old Singapore and new Singapore side by side. It’s impossible for me to take photo of the old Singapore, however i can still find images of it online. I will use the old image and take a photo of it at the places that it has become today.