2D – Project 3 “Ego” | Process v4

I decided to go for this style for my project 3. As mention previously, I will be using Me at this Time to present my work. Here is the work that I have done and will be improving on it.

Tired Me

I used illustrator to create my face using this photo as reference.


What are some things to improved on are adding more details for the face features and also adding a neck will make the composition more complete and not look so weird.

Morning in Hall

I used a bed to represent my hall and added a clock that stops at 7.30 which is the time that I wake up for classes.

What are some things to improved on a is the scene it too plain. Maybe changing the setting and the clock to something more funky will helps. Will try and explore for this part.

Don’t want to get out of bed

I used cloud to symbolize dream, where she is sleeping and do not want to get out of bed. There is also a character holding balloons drifting among the cloud, which represent she still want to wander in her dreams. 

Drawing – Final Project Process v1

For my final project I decided to draw a scene at a living room. Why I decided to use the place living room because it’s a place at home beside dining table that my family get to gather today. Be it watching show or chit chatting. Now that I stay in school, the time we get to sit down together become lesser. However, I realize there is one time that doesn’t change is that every Friday night when I reach home, they are still sitting down at the usual spots, doing the same old thing. Thus, I want to try capturing this moment and draw it out.

However, drawing figure is not my strength. I started out by using the block to get the position right first. I get reference from the book Figure Drawing, Design and Invention by Michael Hampton. Drawing of hands and legs is still something I am still working on.



These are drawing from life drawing class. The model did 5 mins pose(x5) for us.



I tried drawing figures from images, however the fingers here still look a bit awkward. Facial features is also something I need to improve on.



After consultation with Prof Woon Lam about drawing the interior space. He recommended me to look at Nicholas Poussin work and find out how he play around with the space. He advised me to draw out the space first, before adding in the furniture and figures.

The red part indicate the area, yellow part are the furniture and wall design while the blue arrow indicate the flow, where the human face are all looking towards the direction where it end at the figure lying there.


2D – Project 2 Process of Totebag Making

From the beginning, we are suppose to pick one quote out of the 4 and transfer the design onto the tote-bag. The quote that I have been working on is:

Life’s a climb, but the view is great. – Hannah Montana: The Movie

I have changed my design several time, and this is the final design that I have transfer onto the tote-bag. I did the whole process of silkscreen printing again to get my design onto the silkscreen.
Click here to view the post on the process of silkscreen testing.

This is the design on the silkscreen.


Testing out the final design on paper.

img_2333 img_2406

Finally, I did it onto my tote-bag!!


Drawing – Figure Drawing

During class, we went through figure drawing using box. We are suppose to focus on a few point of the body and construct a box within it, its to guide us along on how the figure is position. However, I don’t really get the idea of constructing the box using the point. Thus, this is the first outcome that I attempt and it’s really bad.


Therefore, I went to consult Prof Woon Lam about the concept of using box. This is what he have drawn while teaching on which point to focus on, the axis and all.


The figure we are focusing on the the white figurine.


Then I carry on to try out the method again. I roughly get the idea of what the concept about and still on the process of improving it. This is what I did after consulting prof.


This is the first time I touch on figure drawing, and is still unfamiliar with it. I will try to do more practice in the future and hope to make some improvement.

2D – Exploring emotions

During lesson, we were given an emotion and we have to think of a memory that link to the emotion. There were 4 different emotions, happy, angry, sad and nervous. We have to draw with our eyes closed and using our non-dominant hand.

I realized that through this blind drawing, the drawing will show you something related to what your memory is. I drew out the blur image I have in my head and it turned out into this few drawing.

IMG_1617 IMG_1618

Over the weekend, I went on and explore more on different mark making tools that I can apply on my lines project. I did some pencils drawing too to bring out the emotions.


RageViolent, uncontrollable anger.

I went about thinking what are some things that “represent” this emotion. With anger inside you, and just bursting out before one even realized it. Using dark with a touch of light stroke, and messy but neat drawing to convey the emotion of containing the anger inside you before releasing.


AnxietyFeeling of worry, nervousness. 

In my mindmap previously, I stated the way to express anxiety is through messiness and lines getting all over the place. Everyone shows anxiety differently. Like how someone look at you that makes you feel that anxiety inside you, it might be different for others.


Curiosity – Strong desire to know or learn something.

Being curious about everything can be good, that willingness to know/learn something new. However, some people struggle with curiosity. They might be curious about something, but don’t have the courage to find out. Thus, it’s expressed in a way that there can be space for imagination and the struggle to know something but can’t find out.


SorrowA feeling of deep distress caused by loss, disappointment.

There are many kind of disappointment that led to sorrow. In term of family, friends, BGR and even yourself. Everyone display out in a different way, some struggle while some numb. Thus, it can be something dark, curvy yet with edges.


DisgustSomething unpleasant. 

Disgust can be expressed in many different way due to each individual. What makes them feel disgusted? It can be something that look weird, the way its presented.


IrritationFeeling annoyed, impatient.

When things get too messy or consecutive sounds/pattern that annoyed them.


EnergeticActive, bubbly, lively.

A strong curve which gives it power. The way its expanding in the ink.


ContentmentA state of happiness and satisfaction. 

Some gets contented easily, while others are hard to pleased. When one feel contented, it’s like feeling blessed. So I will express it like something smooth, calm and not too complicated.


SufferingThe state of undergoing pain, distress, hardship.

People who are suffering often feels that the world is in complete darkness. I want to do something that gives off the power of strong, dark and roughness.

Here are some of the other emotions that I have explore on. IMG_1614 IMG_1615 IMG_1616