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Water Pollution

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For my project, I would like to explore on sea pollution in which how the human activities will harm the marine life.


I planning to do projection on two cube surface where there will be animation of what is going on under the surface (in the sea). How human activities like factory waste and dumping of plastics into the sea affect the the marine life. Also, the use of two cube works like the view of human eyes through a glasses.


There’s this artist that Tisya recommend to me was Martha Atienza where she did a project named, Endless Hours at Sea. There is this area where a sea is projected onto a “ship window” which give the audience a sense of being in the ship rather than out in the public.

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Chinese Heritage Centre
History x Modern

The Chinese Heritage Centre (CHC) was founded in 1995 to advance knowledge and understanding of the ethnic Chinese communities in different parts of the world. Established as a non-profit organization, CHC’s work is guided by an international Board of Governors.

As Chinese Heritage Centre (CHC) is right beside my hostel, I get to see how much the surrounding changed over these 2 years. Thus, I would like to focus on how CHC and its surrounding (like the Yunnan Garden) changed since it’s opening.

“The charming and elegant octagonal pavilion in Yunnan Garden added much vibrancy to the Nantah Campus.”

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“A part of Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU) Jurong campus will be transformed into a vibrant public park over the next few years.”

Also in 1995, a replica of the arch was unveiled in Yunnan Garden. The original arch at Jurong West was something significant to many in the past as it is the the gateway into the university where every Nantah student passed through.

Nantah Arches
The original arch in Jurong West St 93 on the left; the replica arch in NTU’s campus on the right

The arch has three gates – which symbolise three elements of Chinese traditional philosophy – tian (sky), di (earth) and ren (humanity or civilisation). The gates also symbolise three different “talents” – da cai (the wisdom to govern a country); chang cai (the capabilities of a trade); and qing cai (the ethics of man).

There’s a lot of information of CHC to its surrounding from the history till now, thus I would have to research more and find something that I would like to focus on.

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