Drawing – Figure Drawing

During class, we went through figure drawing using box. We are suppose to focus on a few point of the body and construct a box within it, its to guide us along on how the figure is position. However, I don’t really get the idea of constructing the box using the point. Thus, this is the first outcome that I attempt and it’s really bad.


Therefore, I went to consult Prof Woon Lam about the concept of using box. This is what he have drawn while teaching on which point to focus on, the axis and all.


The figure we are focusing on the the white figurine.


Then I carry on to try out the method again. I roughly get the idea of what the concept about and still on the process of improving it. This is what I did after consulting prof.


This is the first time I touch on figure drawing, and is still unfamiliar with it. I will try to do more practice in the future and hope to make some improvement.

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