HyperEssay 1: Another Me

For my final project, i would like to explore on the aspect of beauty with makeup. I believe that women puts on makeup to either camouflage themselves, to boost their confidence or to portray themselves in a way that the society wants. Why do they choose to camouflage themselves? They are usually more anxious and insecure about their looks thus they tend to use makeup to cover up their “flaws”. Where as some women wear makeup to boost their confidence and look more sociable. They wear makeup purely for themselves and not for others. How about portraying themselves the way that the society wants? Many are convinced that wearing makeup helps in many aspect in life such as from dating to job interviews. While others is affected by the fact that people judged them for their “original” face. 

Humans are always so concern about their own physical appearance. Besides the factors listed above, there has been influence from social media where it makes people want to change their appearance. In fact, its their own insecurity kicking in, it starts to shape their self-image and affects their behaviour.

Embrace your looks

This video above shows a lady being criticised about her looks, all those comments she received was mean and demoralising. Thus, she decided to put on makeup to conceal all her flaws in order to please the public. All her acne was gone, her face look flawless and “beautiful” according to the public. However, all these did not last long. People start judging her for putting too much makeup and she is not as beautiful as she was. In the end, she accept the fact that no matter how much she try to please the public, it will never be enough. She realised that being herself is more important and learning to love herself more.

This video above shows a group of people trying to spread the message that everyone is beautiful and the flaws in them is what makes them who they really are. They went online to find online status where people are insecure about their looks or was affected by people judgement on their looks. They then proceed to comment on their post to let them know that they are beautiful. They should not let the media dictate what is beautiful or attractive.



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