Issues in IM Practice: Week 1 Assignment

Examples of projects that you address the notion of place, mobility or interactive environments in an innovative or thought-provoking way.


Image result for Pharrell Williams' Interactive G I R L Installation

An interactive installation at London where audience who entered the letter I in G I R L were able to watch the “Marilyn Monroe” music video and listen to the song, facilitated by motion controlled sound technology and directional speakers. They have to connect to G I R L wifi to watch the music video and download the album as well.

FIELD in Ackery’s Alley

FIELD, the artist want to create a space where public performances, activations and other art installation can happen. The installation have a field of sensors that detect the presence of a person, changing colours and emitting sounds in reaction to movement. This art work is currently looking for funding but I feel that it will be a whole new experience for people if they manage to implement it. Having an alley transform into an art helps people feel connected with one another when in that space. They get to interact not only with the art but also everyone around them.


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