Data Collection

We have been collecting data from our own Instagram account regarding¬† people perception of beautiful women as well as their facial features that are attractive. We also collected data of female’s characteristics to help us in our live video preparation.

Animated GIF

Animated GIF

Creating the “Ultimate Beauty”

With all the data collected from our Instagram account, we came out with 10 different combination of faces with the facial features collected. Along with the internet top 10 beautiful women’s face shape.

Face Shape Name Collected Facial Features
Priyanka Chopra Zooey Deschanel Eyes
@mongabong Smile
Audrey Hepburn Nose
Dakota Johnson Melody Low Eyes
Jade Ahn Nose
IU Smile
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Rating our top 10 contestant

With the Top 10 contestant that we “created”, we get people on our Instagram account to do online rating for individual contestant with Instagram build-in function.

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Here are the results!

We determine our top 3 from the result collected on our individual Instagram account and took the average from both rating.

creating personalities

From our data collection of female’s characteristics that are attractive, we came out with 3 different personalities for the Top 3 contestant, the confident, the funny and the intelligent. After which we get our friends to help us voiceover for the different contestants and use it in our live video.

Q1: Tell me more about yourself.

Q2: Why do you think you should win this pageant?


Before the live video, we did lots of printing and cutting of the contestants face and the lettering for our sash and background. And yes, Viena made a sash for this contest too! We then set up the room with a spotlight and did up a backdrop for our video.

Check out our Miss Beauty 2018 video here!