Research Critique 2: The Collective Narrative (Hole in Space)

“Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz has created this installation to show that size and bandwidth matter can be used to question and promulgate the emotional effects of communication.” 

Hole-in-Space was tagged as the “Mother of all video chats”,  where it kickoff a conversation between different group of people across two different cities. In the past, nobody have seen a person on television reacting live to one another on a screen which was an eye-opening experience to them.  One even asked if those were actors on screen, where they find it hard to believe it was real time interacting with someone else (video 3.02mins). No doubt that how accurate the timing was in transmitting the data over plays a huge part in this artwork. Who would have expected that they could see each other emotions through a screen and not just through the usual talking through the telephone. 

In addition, this artwork allows audience to linkup via satellite between New York and Los Angeles. They collect data from one city and placed into a “third space” for the use of art where audience could interact with someone from another city, be it playing charades or having a conversation in real time. This creates temporary connection between people which help to bring a diverse community together with the use of advanced technology.

With reference to Randall Parker, Collective Narrative, where this virtual space allow sharing and exchanging of ideas among a group of people, creating shared experiences. Also, how it encourage different action happening concurrently in remote locations, an idea of how live telecommunication works. 

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