Study of Spaces (Moving and static image)

Up & Up
By Coldplay

From their album ‘A Head Full Of Dreams‘ is a series of trippy, impossible, dream-like images which hold political and social import. This video consists of over-layered visuals, and has the band playing the song in various landscapes and locations.Those images are stitched together to form and create the out-of-place images. The outcome of compositing several images are quirky and draw the audience attention to the video. It plays with many different perspective and placement of the elements.

This music video consists of disjointed incongruous images and it has the singer striding over the world, a soccer field on a sponge, a bridge on a puddle of water and a lady jumping into a pool of clouds. It’s interesting how they play with different element and combined them so seamlessly together. Audience might feel that the elements don’t belong together but this also trigger their mind into thinking why are they together.

visual effects GIF

They fused images of the glorious 1950s America, synonymous with wealth and abundance with urgent pressing social issues like the refugee situation and dastardly consequences of wrong decisions from those in power.

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