Study of Spaces (Physical space for art)

Lunar Surface
By Kimchi and Chips

The artists worked within the concrete chambers of Bucheon city Incinerator. A vertical flag of fabric is stroked by the wind and displaced by curves of air, swinging back and forth. Through the movement, it will leaves a trail of light which draws a heavy fragile moon floating in space. The flag renders this moon from another reality, the silk surface acting as an intermediating manifold between reality and virtuality.


This installation is collaborated with a photographer where the long exposure photography trades the dimension of time for a dimension of space. This serve as a metaphor for the fourth dimension of time and its formative influences. The fabric is tracked by a 3D camera whilst a projector replays a response onto it according to its evolving shape.

It’s intriguing to realised how technology and nature has come into place to create this installation. Living in the word today, we become even more dependent on new forms of knowledge based on images and automation. Yet we still remain unaware of what lays behind these technologies and how these images are compiled.

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