Drawing – Figure Drawing & Tonal Different

Today, we continue exploring on the figure drawing focusing on the leg structure. Learning the knowledge of the bone structure and fill in the outer after. We did a front, back view and a sitting position of the leg structure. It was easier to find out where the leg suppose to bend at which angle.




We continue by learning stick figure. How we draw the line according to the body position and fill up the details after. This was an interesting try out as how stick figure can actually allows us to find out about the body position more easily.


After that, we went on to work on tonal different. We were given a picture of different scene and using chalk, we are able to change the mood of the entire picture. It was difficult for me to shade the picture accordingly as I always tend to focus on the details whereas we are suppose to work on the bigger picture.



Drawing – Charcoal Drawing


This lesson we used charcoal to illustrate the surrounding and the model. We are suppose to take note of where the light is hitting, where should be darker and where should be lighter. We have to take note of the tonal different as well, which also consists of the grey tone which some time can be hard to understand. Still trying to familiarize myself with charcoal drawing and it was definitely fun to work with.