Chapter 2: Completing the request and venturing out

venturing out

Request complete:

Both of you have successfully completed the quest from the elders of the other protectors groups. They have decided to give you clothes and mask to prepare yourself better in the place of the Erenderiels. Now, both of you have to work together in pairs to gather important blueprints, maps and information about the location of the 2 masterminds.

Venture out to Erenderiels:

Both of you have managed to infiltrate into the Erenderiels’ land. No spies deployed from the 5 protectors group have been caught yet. You see that the Erenderiels’ are grouping up for a spot check. Both of you have to fit into any of the groups to prevent yourself from getting caught. 

What would you do to escape this crisis?


  1. I follow the group of Eliceros protectors and try to fit in with them, and we disguise ourselves to be lowly Erenderiel civilians, just going out and doing our daily chores. I mimic all Erenderiel customs and behaviors to get my identity right so that they will not be able to catch me during the spot check.

    • Hannah Kwah

      February 17, 2016 at 1:44 am

      The spot check begins. The individual group leaders start to count the number of people then have and realise that there are additional people in the group. The whole group start to discuss and suspect one another. They start to notice that you talk to people that they have met for the first time. The Erenderiel feel that you are quite suspicious despite you mimicking them. They decide to take you to a room to question you with the rest of the unfamiliar people.

      What will you do next?

      • I will fart in the room and feign a stomachache

        • Hannah Kwah

          February 25, 2016 at 6:00 pm

          The group begin to stare around thinking who is the one that made such a smell and pinched their noses immediately. They wanted to get out of the room quickly. Instead of suspecting who is the additional person, all of them hold their breath and quickly expect the room. The leader of the group just assumed that all the people were part of the Erenderiels.

          • Hannah Kwah

            February 25, 2016 at 6:02 pm

            The Tulipium protectors and you managed to get yourselves out of the sticky situation.

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